Does RevoNext have export licence?
RevoNext Technology HK Co., Ltd. has been experienced in exporting best bass earphones for years and is absolutely qualified with related export license. The Chinese government has been always encouraging import and export business trade, which pushes us to get the qualified license to develop the trade. Being qualified with export license, we have our own right to export the products, which will simplify some procedure to improve work efficiency.

Over the years, RevoNext Technology HK Company has experienced a rapid development for its earphone case by strong capability of earbud carrying case. The in ear earphones series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. RevoNext Technology HK Company in ear earphones is manufactured using the following tools to ensure quality. These tools include visual comparators, binocular microscopes, magnifiers, etc. Its 105dB sensitivity results in clear sound without any distortion. 'It’s hard to imagine that its workmanship is so exquisite, whether it details or the accuracy of the size, it fully meets my needs!'- One of our customers said. The highly elastic TPE material and silicone can better enclose ear canal.

In the face of new challenges and opportunities, RevoNext Technology HK Company will stick to the business principle of recommended in ear headphones.
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