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durable best cheap in ear headphones directly sale for office

durable best cheap in ear headphones directly sale for office

Durable best cheap in ear headphones directly sale for office

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    [1DD+1BA]: 12 mm big Titanium Composite Diaphragm combined with 1 extreme high-frequency balanced driver, It delivers a power deep bass and clear treble,bring you a new hearing feast.

  • ②  

    [Metal Texture]: Patented design, aviation aluminum alloy Texture comes from the combination of audio technology and fashion.

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    [Ergonomics & Compatible Model ]: Ergonomic design can fit most people ears and make you feel comfortable.The cable use 0.78mm 2pins 3.5mm plug detachable upgraded cables.Suitable for most Android smartphones.

  • ④  

    [Keep it safe]: Because of designing a High-precision structure, please prevent external impact, severely slammed may result in loss of sound quality.

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    [Warranty]: You will get 12 months warranty and friendly customer service from the date of purchase if you order from RevoNext. Our target is to design and creates unique high-quality headphones and most convenient service.

  • FAQ:

  • Is the earphone plug (the one that plugs into an intended device) a 90 degree or straight plug? 

  • A 90 degree and can around your ear. 

  • Is the headphone cable easy to entangle? 

  • No, it is not easy to entangle. If so, can easily untie. 

  • Is this earphone easy to drop from the ear? 

  • No, it is designed for ergonomic. You will feel comfortable even though you wear them for a long time. But to prevent possible hearing damage, please do not listen to high volume levels for long periods. 

  • What is the difference between mic and no mic? 

  • If you choose with mic, then it will contain the functions ( Support volume +/-, change the song, play/pause, answer, and end call ). 

  • If you choose no mic, it can only listen to music and no other functions. 

  • How to change cables? 

  • Any kind of 0.78mm 2 pin Detachable Hifi Audio Cable with 3.5 mm plug can be changed to. Different cables make different auditory enjoyment.

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During the design stage of RevoNext best cheap in ear headphones, many factors have been taken into considerations such as flexibility, cycle times, tolerances, size precision, etc. With its distinctive metal base, the product serves up a stylish looking
RevoNext best cheap in ear headphones is manufactured with quality materials. Its materials, including metals that features stiffness and hardness as well as the composites, are all sourced from reliable suppliers who have engaged in this industry for years. With a sturdy frame, it will hold up for years
Most of the mechanical parts of RevoNext best cheap in ear headphones have to be processed in a professional way. The production process of these parts includes forging, welding, anodizing, polishing, etc, and some parts need precision casting. With a sturdy frame, it will hold up for years
RevoNext best cheap in ear headphones is manufactured with high quality. Its metal surface is sophisticatedly handled to eliminate any defections, including gas porosity, crack, and roughness. The product has a tough and scratch resistant finish
The design principles of RevoNext best cheap in ear headphones mainly include the following aspects: the structure and the combined behavior and operating motion of its parts under load. The product is handmade and matches to a wide range of interior styles
This product is strong and tough. It is sintered under very high temperature, which makes its physical properties to be optimized. With exquisite handcraft, it is built to last a long time
The product is less likely to irritate the allergic reactions. Sometimes, the preservatives could be harmful. But these preservatives contained are self-preserving to pose no risks on the skin. Featuring tempered glass, Its surface is smooth and flat
This product has an excellent cushioning effect. During its production, a kind of shock-proof and pressure-reducing material is used to reduce the negative pressure of the feet. With exquisite handcraft, it is built to last a long time
The product features great mobility. It is mounted on a rugged steel frame that is designed and manufactured specifically to project's needs. The product is lightweight yet extremely strong
The product has a smooth surface. The wood materials used are specially polished based on selected materials and complicated workmanship. Crafted from high quality steel tubing, it is strong and sturdy enough
The product is resistant to weather resistance. It is able to withstand sunlight, temperature, ozone, and inclement weather conditions (rain, hail, sleet, snow, etc.). The product features low maintenance and can be used many times
Our product is highly recommended by customers for its incomparable features. With a sturdy frame, it will hold up for years
It is reliable and can be used in various kinds of applications. The product is the perfect decoration for the wedding ceremony
Our wide product range can meet various needs of customers. The product comes in various sizes and shapes
With so many advantages, the product has an extensive range of market application. Thanks to the handmade process, it features particularly high strength
The product has gained many loyal customers and will be further applied to the market with constant improvement. The product has an extremely fine and smooth surface structure
Apart from the above characteristics, the product also has the feature of wide application. Its color is not easy to be scratched off
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