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durable in ear buds wholesale for office

durable in ear buds wholesale for office

Durable in ear buds wholesale for office

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3.5mm L Plug
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Company Advantages
1. RevoNext in ear buds undergoes electrical safety tests. These tests cover an electrical testing, high current bond test, insulation test, leakage current test, and load test. Users can choose different sizes / types of ear hooks according to specific needs
2. It expands the scope of customers. It helps attract a vast number of potential customers from the delivery guy to the customer, to people passing by the mailing boxes, who would otherwise not be attracted if the merchandise is delivered in plain boxes. The ear hook design makes it appropriate for sports, such as running, jogging, hiking, and biking
3. The shape and form of the product can emphasize certain parts of the body while downplaying other less desirable parts. High mid-range balanced armature creates a faster response and more detailed sound
4. This product causes only a small amount of noise pollution. It uses a fundamental method to control noise - eliminating friction as much as possible. Its treble balanced armature unit has the high-frequency performance ability that the dynamic unit can never reach

Product features

  • ①  

    [1DD+1BA]: 12 mm big Titanium Composite Diaphragm combined with 1 extreme high-frequency balanced driver, It delivers a power deep bass and clear treble,bring you a new hearing feast.

  • ②  

    [Metal Texture]: Patented design, aviation aluminum alloy Texture comes from the combination of audio technology and fashion.

  • ③  

    [Ergonomics & Compatible Model ]: Ergonomic design can fit most people ears and make you feel comfortable.The cable use 0.78mm 2pins 3.5mm plug detachable upgraded cables.Suitable for most Android smartphones.

  • ④  

    [Keep it safe]: Because of designing a High-precision structure, please prevent external impact, severely slammed may result in loss of sound quality.

  • ⑤  

    [Warranty]: You will get 12 months warranty and friendly customer service from the date of purchase if you order from RevoNext. Our target is to design and creates unique high-quality headphones and most convenient service.

  • FAQ:

  • Is the earphone plug (the one that plugs into an intended device) a 90 degree or straight plug? 

  • A 90 degree and can around your ear. 

  • Is the headphone cable easy to entangle? 

  • No, it is not easy to entangle. If so, can easily untie. 

  • Is this earphone easy to drop from the ear? 

  • No, it is designed for ergonomic. You will feel comfortable even though you wear them for a long time. But to prevent possible hearing damage, please do not listen to high volume levels for long periods. 

  • What is the difference between mic and no mic? 

  • If you choose with mic, then it will contain the functions ( Support volume +/-, change the song, play/pause, answer, and end call ). 

  • If you choose no mic, it can only listen to music and no other functions. 

  • How to change cables? 

  • Any kind of 0.78mm 2 pin Detachable Hifi Audio Cable with 3.5 mm plug can be changed to. Different cables make different auditory enjoyment.

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Company Features
1. By the rigorous expansion of in ear buds , RevoNext has the ability to provide high quality and finest product. Our company has responsible designers. They are always willing to spend a good chunk of time looking for inspiration to create a sought--after product for our customers.
2. The factory enjoys a good location. It allows us to only take a short time sending goods from our factory to the outbound port. This means we can save both shipping costs and delivery time of our orders.
3. Our company has the latest manufacturing facilities. And we make the investment in these facilities each year to embrace the latest technology and improve productivity to maintain tomorrow's growth. RevoNext Technology HK Co., Ltd. will make the first brand name of RevoNext with its more professional, more brilliant, perfect service. Get more info!
The fabrics of RevoNext in ear buds have been tested to prove its performance. These tests include dimensional stability testing, colorfastness testing, abrasion or pilling testing, etc. Its color temperatures can be easily adjusted
The fabrics of RevoNext in ear buds have to go through inspection processes. These processes are fabric GSM checking, fabric shade variation, shrinkage testing, and defect checking. It is dimmable and creates light in all directions
Several factors of RevoNext in ear buds have been taken into consideration. These factors cover softness, breathability, wear resistance, odor resistance, and hypoallergenic property. The product is certified under CE
The Imaging Science Foundation, or ISF, has certified RevoNext in ear buds for its balanced color temperature. The certification differentiates this product from other projector screens that are so pervasive in the market. Thanks to its adjustable brightness light source, it meets different occasion usage
The packaging of RevoNext in ear buds will be inspected for potential quality issues. It will be checked in terms of the polybag sealing method, polybag size, appropriate labeling, barcodes, and price tags. Featuring low power consumption, it is energy efficient
The product is highly acclaimed among customers for high durability and high cost performance. It produces a homogenized, single-source, flat and even field of light
Enhanced product quality is guaranteed with systematic quality improvement activities. With the built-in cooling fan, it has a good heat dissipation effect
Its quality and performance are ensured for better global competitiveness. With exceptionally high CRI, it is ideal for stage application
The outstanding quality of the product guarantees the stability of the function. With exceptionally high CRI, it is ideal for stage application
in ear buds is designed by domestic top designers and independent R&D teams.
Thanks to its special in ear buds and its high-tech in ear buds, in ear buds adds high-end experience to any user. Its color temperatures can be easily adjusted
This product brings a unique style. It has such a distinctive look that it’s hard to capture this in one word, though people have tried: industrial, rugged, modern. Featuring an aluminum housing, the product is sturdy enough
This product makes a huge difference in comfort at night. It is ideal for anyone who may suffer from mild insomnia. The built-in microprocessors ensure its fast and smooth movement
This product is a practical and exquisite bedding package selection. The soft and breathable ambiance it provides will make the investment worthwhile. It can produce several lighting effects, such as gobo rotation, shaking, and rainbow
Seen from the long run, there is no doubt that the product helps manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint during the production. The product offers various strobe effects to highlight the atmosphere
Using this product can help manufacturers increase profits. It is vital for many industries when it comes to increase productivity and production efficiency. With a high-speed motor, it has fast and accurate movement
This product can avoid people the waiting time because it is able to emit full brightness without delay even one second. With IP65 waterproof grade, the product can be applied in outdoors
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