How about production process for headset pouch ?
There are a few steps in the production of headset pouch . Each measure is of great significance and is taken seriously. Raw materials are significant in the production. They ought to be tested before being processed. During the production, the manufacturing line should be controlled to be sure the output is stable and the quality is fantastic. Quality management is taken. Generally, each production step should be separated by the manufacturer by establishing distinct assignments.

RevoNext Technology HK Co., Ltd. is widely known by people at home and abroad. The earphone case series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. RevoNext Technology HK Company earphone case has gone through various kinds of tests. These tests include rubber fatigue testing and materials testing (wear or mechanical properties). Detachable cable ensures a long earphone life by providing easy part replacement and upgrade. The product has the ability to be electrically insulating. The high-structural and metal powder with an antistatic agent has been added to improve this electric insulation capacity. The highly elastic TPE material and silicone can better enclose ear canal.

The corporate mission of RevoNext Technology HK Company is to ear in headphones. Get more info!
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