How about the minimum order quantity for ODM products?
Is the filter pump and filter in one position horizontally? Suspended matter, the equipment has electronic water treatment device of Zhongkai da environmental protection equipment. Filter material filtering, installation methods and other parameters, the equipment has a fully automatic dosing tank for zhongkaida environmental protection equipment, quartz sand filter for zhongkaida environmental protection equipment, filter and dosing machine: change the concentration of water and remove iron and manganese filter. Electronic filtration, odor removal, accuracy, sterilization and algae removal, the equipment has self-cleaning filters for zhongkaida environmental protection equipment. Dosing filtration and pressure: scale removal and rust removal, whole process, water treatment device, flow rate, suspended matter: filter particulate matter, caliber, index, iron removal and manganese removal, sometimes installed before the water pump. The equipment can be customized according to the actual parameter requirements:

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How to deploy water aquarium home? Go directly to the aquarium to buy sea salt or sea salt from Japan, looking directly at the instructions, it can be adjusted proportionally. Generally, the salt content of seawater is 35 parts per thousand. artificial seawater is mixed with tap water according to different proportions. the salt concentration in seafood breeding is generally higher than that in normal seawater. smallAbout 20 out of thousands of fish-28,Shellfish and shrimps are about 17 parts per thousand-20 you can prepare yourself according to your own needs. There are many chemical components in natural seawater.There are mainly dozens of kinds of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate and iron, lithium, iodine, aluminum, Bromo and Sr.According to a certain proportion of these chemicals,Fully blended together,It can be made into artificial seawater salt that is convenient to use.When used,As long as the person, the sea water salt is combined with the water according to a certain proportionI
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