How about the minimum order value for OEM products?
At present, the filter element with the highest filtering accuracy is I think it's the washman filter,The high-strength polyester long-fiber non-woven cloth and imported wooden paddle fiber filter paper are used as filter materials for the washman dust filter element,The dust filter element has strong filtration strength,High precision,Easy disassembly and cleaning,Features of repeated use.The working principle of the dust filter element is that the dust-containing air flow enters the air box from the upper air outlet,Evenly distribute the airflow to the filter element through the diversion baffle,Under the action of the filter element,Dust is adsorbed on the surface of the filter element,The stained gas is discharged through the outlet pipe,The pulse valve is controlled by the controller,Cleaning the filter element in turn;Since the filter element is installed vertically,Good cleaning effect can be guaranteed.1.PP filter element: PP filter element is also called PP fusion filter element,The fusion

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Picture data of homemade fish tank cylinder filter I just made the number,Give you a design plan to adopt!This is what I do with my fish tank,In the place where the hole is opened, the screw cap water pipe is connected,If a sealing ring is added in the middle, it will not leak,Not counting the total down of the pump less than 50 yuan PVC 110 thick tube 40 with two blocks 15 yuan.The rest of the tube is less than 10 yuan cheaper, and the joint costs 15 yuan enough to buy a 60 W water pump for 47 yuan.Homemade is not recommended.The cost of self-control without long-term hands-on is higher than that of ingredients.
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