How about the ODM service flow?
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Purified cell membrane, how to filter after centrifugal? 1.Experiment: preparation of cell membrane.The main test points are material selection (structural features and functions of mature red blood cells in mammals) and treatment methods (water absorption and breaking,2.Composition of cell membrane.Lipid (mainly lipid) and protein (type and quantity are related to the function of cell membrane );Alpha-fetoprotein and cancer embryo antigen can be combined with the cell cancer test in chapter 6;The composition of the cell membrane is generally combined with the structure of the cell membrane.3.Cell wall.Ingredients: cellulose,Cell wall and pectin can be removed by cellulose treatment.4.Submicroscopic structure of animals and plants.Be familiar with the map.5.Organelle list review,6.Organelle learning should also be classified and summarized: two-layer and membrane-free organelle;Organelle containing pigments;Organelle distinct from ani

What is the automatic constant pressure hydrating device in the boiler? Function: the hydration of the heating system (according to the floor height, allowance, setting pressure) is used to ensure the water shortage and pressure of the system department.At present, most of the equipment using variable frequency static pressure water supply (dynamic pressure: pressure when circulating pump is turned on, static pressure: pressure at the highest point of water supply) has linkage with circulating pump and overpressure discharge. The main function of the constant pressure water supply device is to keep the system pressure stable. if the system is lower than the set pressure, the fixed pressure water supply device will be operated by the water supply pump to increase the system pressure. if the pressure reaches the pressure determined by the system, the water pump stopped running. Manual replenishment, how to change to automatic? The constant pressure water supply device is also called: automatic fixed pressure f
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