How many people in RevoNext R&D department?
Bluetooth earbuds R&D has become the heart of our firm from the start. We bring together a set of R&D abilities to make trusted products, services and systems which help enhance the level of your business. Our development activities are closely associated with our marketplace concerns.

RevoNext Technology HK Co., Ltd. engages in manufacturing earphone case with stable quality. The earphone case series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. RevoNext Technology HK Company recommended in ear headphones is manufactured by going through the following processes: raw material preparation, plastication, mixing, formation, vulcanization, and inspection, and packaging or assembly. Its wired cable is detachable and can be easily replaced with a Bluetooth cable. 'It’s hard to imagine that its workmanship is so exquisite, whether it details or the accuracy of the size, it fully meets my needs!'- One of our customers said. Detachable cable ensures a long earphone life by providing easy part replacement and upgrade.

RevoNext Technology HK Company will bravely assume the mission of earbud carrying case in further development. Get info!
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