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popular in ear buds supplier bulk buy

popular in ear buds supplier bulk buy

Popular in ear buds supplier bulk buy

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3.5mm L Plug
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Company Advantages
1. RevoNext is made as per international industry standards. With a balanced armature and a dynamic driver, it delivers amazing bass
2. RevoNext Technology HK Co., Ltd. quickly controls product quality and trace ability to ensure that quality meets the design specifications and meets customer's requirements. The 2 pin 0.75mm detachable cable is durable and long-lasting
3. The product keeps stable in rigorous conditions. It is not easily affected by external factors and runs normally even in extreme temperature or weather. The adopted unique sensing technology can inhibit burrs in high frequency


  • ①  

    [1DD+3BA Drivers]: - High definition sound and an excellent live produced by high performance huge polymer composite diaphragm driver and 3 balanced armatures. The bass and mids are plump, the treble is very clear and delicate.Hi Fi sound guaranteed, loved by hundreds of music fans.

  • ②  

    [Made for Music]: - Human health sensitivity and wider frequency response ensure a better listening experience. Suitable for all genres of music (Pop, Rock Roll, Classic, Country, Hip-pop, Jazz, Heavy metal)

  • ③  

    [Ergonomic Comfort & Patented Design]: - The Nex602 is made of aluminum alloy and processed by CNC(high precision). Conforming to shape of your ears and provide incredible noise isolation.Application for Europe and USA patent.

  • ④  

    [Quality Transmission & Compatible Model]: - The gold plated 3.5mm L plug audio jack and 6N OFC oxygen free Cu wire make sure the transmission is never lost.The cable use 0.78mm 2pins 3.5mm plug detachable upgraded cables,suitable for most Android smartphones.

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    [Warranty & Tips]:  - Finally,you will get 12 months warranty and friendly customer service from the date of purchase if you order from RevoNext.Tips:The balanced armature driver belongs to high precision unitis,the collision of earphones is easy to cause changes in sound,please use it carefully.

  • FAQ:

  • Is the earphone plug (the one that plugs into an intended device) a 90 degree or straight plug? 

  • A 90 degree and can around your ear. 

  • Is the headphone cable easy to entangle? 

  • No, it is not easy to entangle. If so, can easily untie. 

  • Is this earphone easy to drop from the ear? 

  • No, it is designed for ergonomic. You will feel comfortable even though you wear them for a long time. But to prevent possible hearing damage, please do not listen to high volume levels for long periods. 

  • What is the difference between mic and no mic? 

  • If you choose with mic, then it will contain the functions ( Support volume +/-, change the song, play/pause, answer, and end call ). 

  • If you choose no mic, it can only listen to music and no other functions. 

  • How to change cables? 

  • Any kind of 0.78mm 2 pin Detachable Hifi Audio Cable with 3.5 mm plug can be changed to. Different cables make different auditory enjoyment.

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Company Features
1. RevoNext Technology HK Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented company that integrates in ear buds research, development, production and sales.
2. Our company makes use of advanced technology to the point of Simplicity and also focuses on great innovation in their products. The products carry great design that actually fits seamlessly into the requirement of the customers.
3. deeply rooted in the company's culture. Please contact.
Such structures of in ear buds are characterized by in ear buds. The logo can be printed on the case of the product
in ear buds shows excellent properties owing to adopting the materials of in ear buds. With high start-up performance, it enables the engine to start even in extreme weather conditions
RevoNext has found a fine balance between the utilitarian side of in ear buds and a cute outlook. It allows for frequent high current discharge in a short time
To cater to the concept of green living in this society, RevoNext all uses eco-friendly materials. It has a good recovery ability in deep discharge
Materials of in ear buds is actually quite in ear buds. The product is characterized by good charging acceptance
The product is highly resistant to bacteria. Its smooth surface has the ability to resist the accumulation and growth of bacteria. Its maintenance-free structure provides easy vent plug access
The product features bacteria resistance and bacteriostasis. Silver series antibacterial material such as zeolite and silver-loaded activated carbon is blended in to kill the bacteria. Its aluminum foil plate is designed to be oxidation resistant
It has the ability to keep the same color without fading or running even if washed, placed in harsh light, exposed to perspiration or treated with certain chemicals. Its maintenance-free structure provides easy vent plug access
The product has good heat dissipation. It is embedded with a heat sink to protect the electric parts from overheat. It is available in different voltages and capacities
Bacteria and microorganism resistance is one of its biggest selling points. Nanosilver antibacterial powder, which kills the bacteria effectively, has been blended in its filter elements. Designed with a sealing structure, it is completely leak-proof and splash-proof
This mineral product is a homogeneous body. Its atoms in the atomic structure are highly orderly arranged as a result of crystallization. It allows for frequent high current discharge in a short time
A positive market response indicates that the product has a good market prospect. The electrolyte of the product doesn't have the risks of spillage and evaporation due to corrosion
This product provides consistent performance and is widely used by a number of famous brands. It allows for frequent high current discharge in a short time
The product is in sync with the changing needs of its customers and has a wide range of market applications. It is guaranteed to provide high cycle stability
Due to its remarkable advantages in the market, the product enjoys a great market prospect. It is available in different voltages and capacities
The product is considered to have high market value and has a good market prospect. Its aluminum foil plate is designed to be oxidation resistant
The product has found wide application in various fields. The product is characterized by good charging acceptance
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