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Triple- & Quad-Driver IEMs That Impress


A new player in the world of value IEMs, RevoNext is looking to make a big mark—and with its QT2 and QT3 models, the company doesn’t disappoint. Both feature high-quality CNC-machined aluminum housings and two-pin 0.75-millimeter connectors, which are ideal for easy cable replacement. The QT2 has two dynamic drivers and one balanced armature per ear, while the QT3 has two dynamic drivers and two balanced armatures. The silicone-coated cable measures 4 feet long and ends in a ⅛-inch plug.

Note: At checkout, choose the QT2 (base price) or the QT3 (+ $15) in black or dark gray. For an additional $2, get the version with a single-button mic/remote.


The Reviews Are In


AudioBudget gave the QT2 a perfect five out of five stars, praising the IEM’s “superb build quality, almost identical to KZ ZS6, along with some of the most natural-sounding audio quality I've yet to experience, and even such a bass that won't leave you bored. Excellent performance on every one of my sources. Every music genre I've tested these on sounded amazingly accurate and crisp, be it electronic dance or vocal-oriented music." Of the quad-driver model, Phonograph says, “The RevoNext QT3 are highly recommended to anybody looking for a great-sounding headphone and specially to owners of the RevoNext QT2 who want a brighter and more open-sounding highs”

-From Massdrop