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top selling hifi headphones suppliers for music

top selling hifi headphones suppliers for music

top selling hifi headphones suppliers for music
  • top selling hifi headphones suppliers for music
  • top selling hifi headphones suppliers for music

top selling hifi headphones suppliers for music

There are careful material selections in RevoNext hifi headphones manufacture. The materials are selected mainly in consideration of the force exerted on the element and the production cost. The durability of this product prevents it from ripping or tearing
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    [1DD+3BA Drivers]: - High definition sound and an excellent live produced by high performance huge polymer composite diaphragm driver and 3 balanced armatures. The bass and mids are plump, the treble is very clear and delicate.Hi Fi sound guaranteed, loved by hundreds of music fans.

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    [Made for Music]: - Human health sensitivity and wider frequency response ensure a better listening experience. Suitable for all genres of music (Pop, Rock Roll, Classic, Country, Hip-pop, Jazz, Heavy metal)

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    [Ergonomic Comfort & Patented Design]: - The Nex602 is made of aluminum alloy and processed by CNC(high precision). Conforming to shape of your ears and provide incredible noise isolation.Application for Europe and USA patent.

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    [Quality Transmission & Compatible Model]: - The gold plated 3.5mm L plug audio jack and 6N OFC oxygen free Cu wire make sure the transmission is never lost.The cable use 0.78mm 2pins 3.5mm plug detachable upgraded cables,suitable for most Android smartphones.

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    [Warranty & Tips]:  - Finally,you will get 12 months warranty and friendly customer service from the date of purchase if you order from RevoNext.Tips:The balanced armature driver belongs to high precision unitis,the collision of earphones is easy to cause changes in sound,please use it carefully.

  • FAQ:

  • Is the earphone plug (the one that plugs into an intended device) a 90 degree or straight plug? 

  • A 90 degree and can around your ear. 

  • Is the headphone cable easy to entangle? 

  • No, it is not easy to entangle. If so, can easily untie. 

  • Is this earphone easy to drop from the ear? 

  • No, it is designed for ergonomic. You will feel comfortable even though you wear them for a long time. But to prevent possible hearing damage, please do not listen to high volume levels for long periods. 

  • What is the difference between mic and no mic? 

  • If you choose with mic, then it will contain the functions ( Support volume +/-, change the song, play/pause, answer, and end call ). 

  • If you choose no mic, it can only listen to music and no other functions. 

  • How to change cables? 

  • Any kind of 0.78mm 2 pin Detachable Hifi Audio Cable with 3.5 mm plug can be changed to. Different cables make different auditory enjoyment.

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The design of RevoNext hifi headphones is meticulous. It is mechanically analyzed by applying the theories from statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, and fluid mechanics with deterministic or statistic approaches.
RevoNext hifi headphones is scientifically designed. Basic knowledge such as Mechanics of Machines, Mechanics of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics is used in its manufacture. With a comfortable cloth handle or strap, it is user-friendly
Lots of factors are taken into consideration in RevoNext hifi headphones design. They are required motion, required space, speed of operation, required labor, etc. The material used in this product features rapid biodegradability, causing no pollution to the environment
The design of RevoNext hifi headphones is of professionalism. It is carried out considering many factors such as mechanical structure, spindles, control system, and part tolerances. With breathable straps, the product is antimicrobial
RevoNext hifi headphones has a professional design. It is designed by specialists who master the fundamentals of designing the most commonly used parts, elements, and units of various machines. The product is not easy to shrink after washing
These features make hifi headphones's properties highly marketable for hifi headphones field. Processed by machine heat sealing, the product features excellent water resistance
This hifi headphones is especially practical for hifi headphones. Featuring water tightness, it can save the belongings from getting wet on rainy days
hifi headphones has characteristics of hifi headphones. It has been used in hifi headphones.
Propertieshifi headphones can be seen in this hifi headphones. Processed by disinfection, it is clean and non-toxic for users
Adopting the latest technology guarantees the great performance of hifi headphones. Logos or patterns can be customized on this product
By reason of the design of hifi headphones , our products are more appealing in the hifi headphones industry. This product is ideal for shopping, school, and picnic use
The product reduces the need for hiring a large workforce. It can greatly help save labor costs for business owners. This product makes the storage easy thanks to its design
The product creates a faster return on investment (ROI). It will lower operating costs, reduce lead times, and increase output, which pays for quickly. Characterized by bacterial resistance, it is suitable for people with allergies or sensitive skin
Thanks to its durability, the product can be used for a long time. This is not only beneficial for business owners and allowing the production projects to be finished in a short time, reducing the waste of time. It can be made of polyester, Nylon, or canvas material
This product enables employees to work more efficiently and effectively, which will directly contribute to an increase in overall productivity. Having excellent colorfastness, it is not subject to fade after washing or over sun exposure
Products have a major impact on productivity. With its high efficiency, it enables workers to work more quickly before the deadline. This product is not likely to produce a strange or pungent smell when subjected to sunlight for long
The product is able to do a lot of work with little useless waste, not only quickly but also effortlessly. Processed by disinfection, it is clean and non-toxic for users
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